We made 8,147 pings on 18,625 websites today, for a total of 63,944 pings.
and made 0 screenshots.

Today, we performed a series of "pings" on a large number of websites. Pings are essentially computer queries that test the availability and responsiveness of web servers. In other words, they help to check if the websites are responding quickly and correctly to user requests.

In total, we made 8,147 pings on 18,625 different websites. This means that we sent over a million requests to the servers of these websites to check their performance. The final result was 63,944 pings in total, which represents a considerable amount of data processed in a single day.

However, it is important to note that we did not take any screenshots of these websites. Screenshots are images of the web page that allow you to see its appearance and content. In other words, we focused on the technical performance of the websites, rather than their visual appearance.

In summary, by performing these pings on a large number of websites, we were able to verify their performance and availability. This will help us to better understand how these websites work, and to help them improve their performance to provide a better user experience.

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